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November, 2005 - Introduction to Scripting iCal.

For the past couple of articles, I have discussed scripting specific applications. By now, you should be starting to realize AppleScript terminology varies from application to application. Some applications don't support AppleScript at all, some are more scriptable than others, some have more confusing terminology, etc. Even as become more knowledgeable as a scripter, you will find that there is a learning curve whenever you need to script a new application. Browsing the application's dictionary, and any accompanying documentation or example scripts is usually your best bet for learning how to script a new application.

This month, I will continue to discuss application-specific scripting, and this time, I will focus on iCal. Please note that all sample code within this article was written and tested with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.x. Many times, software updates will introduce changes in the AppleScript terminology of a given application or process. Therefore, if you are using an older system, some code may not work properly, or may need to be adjusted slightly to work on your machine. [Read more at]

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