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Getting Started with Handlers (Part 1).

Welcome AppleScript developers! Some of you may be familiar with my regular AppleScript columns in X-Ray Magazine and MacTech Magazine. I am pleased to announce that, in addition to my columns in those fine publications, I will be writing regular AppleScript columns, presently on a monthly basis, for MacScripter. Be sure to check back on a weekly basis, though, for excellent AppleScript-related columns by many other great authors!

I have chosen to begin my column here at MacScripter by providing an introduction to handlers, a topic that will end up spanning three articles . My reason for choosing this topic is that shortly, I plan to start focusing on AppleScript Studio. Since AppleScript Studio development requires heavy use of handlers, and since every AppleScript developer should be making use of handlers on a regular basis anyway, it only seems fitting to begin with this topic. Let's get started. [Read more at MacScripter...]

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