AppleScript Return on Investment Information

Because AppleScript is used to automate repetitive tasks, it offers trememdous ROI possibilities. In 1998, Apple Computer hired the company Gistics to perform an ROI study for AppleScript implementation. The results were amazing! Keep in mind that this study was done back in 1998, so the numbers would have increased dramatically by today. According to the study:

  • Back in 1998, AppleScript generated over $100.6 million in savings across North America
  • Large companies who use AppleScript to automate tasks in existing workflows typically achieve an ROI of over 2.8 times in the first year
  • Companies implementing fully-automated workflows can generate an ROI of over 4.3 times in the first year of use
  • In one year, Hallmark generated $3.6 million in benefits, after an investment of $150,000. That's a 24 times ROI!

Download the entire AppleScript ROI Study, by Gistics AppleScript-ROI.

The facts and figures specified above are copyright Gistics.

Real World Savings

In addition to the facts and figures in the study specified above, some of the solutions created by our developers have generated tremendous savings. For example:

  • At Piermed, Inc., the process of manually converting 40 PDF form files for client delivery would take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes of non-stop processing (continuous processing without looking away from the computer, taking a sip of coffee, etc.). Using an AppleScript-based solution built by Automated Workflows, this process takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • From 1997 to 1999, AppleScript allowed TV Guide's Ad Production department to increase their advertising volume by over 20,000 ads a year
  • In 1999, TV Guide's Ad Production department probably saved over $5,000 in printer supplies and repairs from AppleScripts that converted jobs to PDF for proofing
  • In 1999, TV Guide's Ad Production department saved approximately $52,000 per year by using AppleScript to output ads to a laser printer, rather than to the Prepress department for output on expensive veloxes
  • In TV Guide's Editorial Graphics department, it took 4 - 5 designers a week to lay out a pay-per-view listings section of the magazine. After implementing an AppleScript-based workflow, it took 1 designer about 20 minutes.
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