Developer Tip > Saving Mail Attachments via AppleScript Fixed in Lion 10.7.2

If you use AppleScripts that interact with Mail in Mac OS X (such as Mail to FileMaker Importer), you may have noticed that when Lion was introduced, the ability to save attachments through scripting no longer worked.  This issue affected AppleScripts, as well as Automator workflows (Apple's own Get Attachments from Mail Messages Automator action was broken too).  Well, I'm pleased to say that this issue has been resolved in Mac OS X 10.7.2.  AppleScripts can now save Mail attachments again.

If you'd like to learn more about AppleScripting Mail, check out my MacTech column... Introduction to Scripting Mail.

Attention Outlook Users: Saving attachments via AppleScript did not work in Outlook either until a recent Office update.  If your Outlook scripts are failing when attempting to save attachments, make sure you update your Office 2011 installation to the latest version.  While I don't have an article available at this time for scripting Outlook, you can learn about scripting Entourage in my MacTech column... Introduction to Scripting Microsoft Entourage.  The AppleScript terminology hasn't changed too much between Entourage and Outlook, so some of it may still apply.

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