Mac OS X Technology Guide to Automator

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Mac OS X Technology Guide to Automator
By Ben Waldie

With the release of Mac OS X 10.4, Apple has introduced a revolutionary new technology called Automator. Automator is a tool designed for the average user with one specific function – to automate time consuming and repetitive tasks for your own specific workflow. This book takes an in-depth look at Automator in Mac OS X 10.4 from the perspective of both a user and a developer.

Readers will explore the Automator application itself, learning its features and benefits, and walk through constructing and executing automated workflows.

Developers will explore the planning and development process, resources, and tools for developing custom Automator actions. Example code for creating sample actions in both AppleScript and Cocoa is included with the book.

The Mac OS X Technology Guide to Automator was written by award winning AppleScripter and president of Automated Workflows, LLC, Ben Waldie. Sample charters are available for download, and the book is available for purchase in eBook format.

eBook: $14.99

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