Macworld Article > Best Automator Downloads: Building better workflows with third-party actions

July, 2008 - Geek Factor - Best Automator Downloads: Building better workflows with third-party actions.

Automator is a great tool for automating basic tasks on your Mac, no scripting or programming required. By dragging prebuilt actions together, you can quickly and easily create countless workflows to do things you might otherwise have to do manually.

Mac OS X comes with hundreds of Automator actions to get you started. These actions can handle basic tasks within the operating system itself, as well as in many of OS X's bundled applications, including Address Book, iCal, iTunes, Mail, and Safari. But as useful as all of these built-in actions are, they can't do everything. [Read more at]

Macworld Article > Automator Power: Variables and Looping

February, 2008 - Geek Factor - Automator Power: Variables and Looping.

The latest version of Automator (in OS X 10.5 Leopard) has several handy new features. Among the most useful: variables and looping. Unfortunately, unless you’re an experienced scripter, they’re also potentially the most confusing. [Read more at]

Macworld Article > Automator for Travelers

February, 2006 - Automator for Travelers.

Travel has a way of magnifying even the smallest mistakes. Forget that little VGA adapter, and your entire presentation could be sunk. Forget that extra battery, and your laptop could poop out at the least opportune time. The fewer details you have to remember (or, as the case may be, forget) before, during, and after your trip, the better off you’ll be.

This is why Automator, Tiger’s new automation tool, can be such a valuable traveler’s aid. It can help you take care of all sorts of little travel-related chores. Here are a couple of Automator workflows that take advantage of the iPod to help mobile Mac users. They’re also examples of the kinds of things Automator can do, so feel free to mix and match them and experiment further. [Read more at]