Automator Actions for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Mac OS X Tiger Automator action pack. New Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard Automator action packs are now available, and include dozens of new and updated actions! For information about our Leopard/Snow Leopard actions, click HERE!

Build Winning Workflows

Automated Workflows, LLC's Build Real Estate Catalog Example Workflow, built with actions from the Ultimate Productivity Automator Action Pack, was the recipient of the 2006 Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X Automator Workflow. With the Ultimate Productivity Automator Action Pack, you can build winning workflows of your own!

Ultimate Productivity Action Pack

The ultimate deal! This Automator Action Pack contains A COMPLETE SET of our Automator actions for Tiger.


Automator Action Pack

  • Choose List Items


FileMaker Pro Action Pack

  • Extract Field Data From Found Set


Finder Action Pack

  • Empty Trash
  • New Subfolder
  • Quit Application
  • Wait for Finder Items


InDesign Action Pack

  • Add Pages to InDesign Documents
  • Export InDesign Documents to PDF
  • Open Documents in InDesign
  • Place Images in InDesign Document
  • Place Text in InDesign Document
  • Save InDesign Documents
  • Update Modified Links in InDesign Documents


iPhoto Action Pack

  • Find iPhoto Item Paths


Photoshop Action Pack

  • Add IPTC Captions to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Unsharp Mask to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Watermark to Photoshop Documents
  • Assign Color Profile to Photoshop Documents
  • Close Photoshop Documents
  • Extract IPTC Captions from Photoshop Documents
  • Flip Photoshop Documents
  • New Photoshop Document
  • Open Images in Photoshop
  • Resize Photoshop Documents
  • Rotate Photoshop Documents
  • Save Photoshop Documents
  • Trigger Photoshop Action
  • Trim Photoshop Documents


Preview Action Pack

  • Filter ICC Profile Images


QuarkXPress Action Pack

  • Add Pages to Quark Documents
  • Apply Quark Box Names
  • Open Documents in Quark
  • Place Images in Quark Document
  • Place Text in Quark Document
  • Retrieve Quark Box Names
  • Save Quark Documents
  • Save Quark Pages to EPS


System Pro Action Pack

  • Get Clipboard Contents
  • Type Keystroke


TextEdit Action Pack

  • Add Prefix to Text Paragraphs
  • Add Suffix to Text Paragraphs
  • Change Case of Text
  • Find and Replace in Text
  • Read Text File
  • Remove Prefix from Text Paragraphs
  • Remove Suffix from Text Paragraphs
  • Sort Text Paragraphs
  • Trim Text
  • Write Text to File


Software Requirements

All Actions:

  • Mac OS 10.4.x - 10.5.x

FileMaker Actions:

  • FileMaker Pro 7.x through 9.x

InDesign Actions:

  • Adobe InDesign CS, CS2, or CS3

iPhoto Actions:

  • iPhoto '05, '06, or '08
Mail Actions:

  • Mail

Photoshop Actions:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, or CS3

Preview Actions:

  • Preview

QuarkXPress Actions:

  • QuarkXPress 6.1 - 7.x
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