Automator Actions for Mac OS X 10.5/10.6 Leopard & Snow Leopard

Build Winning Workflows

Automated Workflows, LLC's Build Real Estate Catalog Example Workflow, built with actions from the Ultimate Productivity Automator Action Pack, was the recipient of the 2006 Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X Automator Workflow. With the Ultimate Productivity Automator Action Pack, you can build winning workflows of your own!

New Features!

  • 170 Automator actions are now available!
  • Extend Automator's reach with over 100 new actions for FileMaker, Illustrator, Mail, Safari, and more!
  • Dozens of new features and enhancements in existing actions
  • Many actions now include support for Automator's variables in Leopard and Snow Leopard
  • Support for Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop CS5
  • More straightforward and easier installation
  • Automatically check for action updates
  • Much more!

Try Before You Buy

All of our Automator actions may be downloaded and run in demonstration mode for evaluation purposes. Actions running in demonstration mode will display periodic alerts, and are limited to processing a maximum of five items at a time. These limitations are removed when purchased and registered.

Ultimate Productivity Action Pack (170 actions)

The ultimate deal! This Automator Action Pack contains A COMPLETE SET of our Automator actions for Leopard and Snow Leopard.


Automator Extension Action Pack (20 actions)

  • Add Finder Items as Login Items
  • Ask for Password
  • Bring Workflow Back to Front
  • Choose List Items
  • Click Safari Web Form Button
  • Click Safari Web Form Checkbox
  • Click Safari Web Form Radio Button
  • Disable Mail Account
  • Enable Mail Account
  • Filter Images by ICC Profile
  • Find iPhoto Photo Paths
  • Get Clipboard Contents
  • Log Out Current User
  • Put Computer to Sleep
  • Restart Computer
  • Run JavaScript in Front Safari Window
  • Send Contents of Safari Page to Mail
  • Set Safari Web Form Text or Popup Field
  • Shut Down Computer
  • Type Keystroke


FileMaker Pro Action Pack (10 actions)

  • Close FileMaker Databases
  • Extract Field Data From Found Set
  • Find All Records in FileMaker Database
  • Find Records in FileMaker Database
  • Insert Picture Reference in Container Field of FileMaker Database
  • Make New Record in FileMaker Database
  • Open FileMaker Database
  • Run FileMaker Script
  • Set Field Values in FileMaker Database
  • Sort Records of FileMaker Database


Finder Action Pack (20 actions)

  • Add Finder Item Names to Spotlight Comments
  • Batch Create Folders from List of Names
  • Batch Create Sequential Folders
  • Create Internet Location File
  • Empty Trash
  • Filter Finder Items By Size
  • Get Names of Finder Items
  • Get Originals of Aliases
  • Get Parent Folders of Finder Items
  • Get Spotlight Comments of Finder Items
  • Hide Extension of Finder Items
  • Lock Finder Items
  • New Subfolder
  • Quit Application
  • Set Creator Type of Files
  • Set File Type of Files
  • Set Modification Date of Finder Items
  • Show Extension of Finder Items
  • Unlock Finder Items
  • Wait for Finder Items


Illustrator Action Pack (20 actions)

  • Close Illustrator Documents
  • Delete Empty Text Frames from Illustrator Documents
  • Filter Illustrator Documents by Color Mode
  • Get All Opened Illustrator Documents
  • Get Front Illustrator Document
  • Get Names of Illustrator Documents
  • Get Paths of Illustrator Documents
  • Make New Ellipse in Illustrator Documents
  • Make New Line in Illustrator Documents
  • Make New Rectangle in Illustrator Documents
  • New Illustrator Document
  • Open Documents in Illustrator
  • Place Images in Illustrator Documents
  • Place Text in Illustrator Documents
  • Print Illustrator Documents
  • Save Illustrator Documents
  • Save Illustrator Documents as EPS
  • Save Illustrator Documents as PDF
  • Set Ruler Origin of Documents
  • Trigger Illustrator Action


InDesign Action Pack (20 actions)

  • Add Pages to InDesign Documents
  • Close InDesign Documents
  • Export InDesign Documents to PDF
  • Find and Change Text in InDesign Documents
  • Get All Opened InDesign Documents
  • Get Front InDesign Document
  • Get Linked Images from InDesign Documents
  • Get Names of InDesign Documents
  • Get Paths of InDesign Documents
  • Get Text from InDesign Documents
  • Merge InDesign Documents
  • New InDesign Document
  • Open Documents in InDesign
  • Package InDesign Documents
  • Place Images in InDesign Document
  • Place Text in InDesign Document
  • Print InDesign Documents
  • Save InDesign Documents
  • Save InDesign Documents as Single Page Documents
  • Update Modified Links in InDesign Documents


Photoshop Action Pack (30 actions)

  • Add IPTC Captions to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Gaussian Blur to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Pinch to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Sharpen Edges to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Sharpen More to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Sharpen to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Smart Blur to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Twirl to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Unsharp Mask to Photoshop Documents
  • Apply Watermark to Photoshop Documents
  • Assign Color Profile to Photoshop Documents
  • Change Mode of Photoshop Documents
  • Close Photoshop Documents
  • Extract IPTC Captions from Photoshop Documents
  • Flatten Photoshop Documents
  • Flip Photoshop Documents
  • Get All Opened Photoshop Documents
  • Get Front Photoshop Document
  • Get Names of Photoshop Documents
  • Get Paths of Photoshop Documents
  • New Photoshop Document
  • Open Camera Raw Images in Photoshop
  • Open Images in Photoshop
  • Resize Photoshop Documents
  • Rotate Photoshop Documents
  • Save Photoshop Documents
  • Save Photoshop Documents as JPEG
  • Save Photoshop Documents for Web
  • Trigger Photoshop Action
  • Trim Photoshop Documents


QuarkXPress Action Pack (20 actions)

  • Add Pages to Quark Documents
  • Apply Quark Box Names
  • Close Quark Documents
  • Find and Change Text in Quark Documents
  • Get All Opened Quark Documents
  • Get Front Quark Document
  • Get Linked Images from Quark Documents
  • Get Names of Quark Documents
  • Get Paths of Quark Documents
  • Get Text from Quark Documents
  • Merge Quark Documents
  • New Quark Document
  • Open Documents in Quark
  • Place Images in Quark Document
  • Place Text in Quark Document
  • Print Quark Documents
  • Print Quark Documents to PostScript
  • Retrieve Quark Box Names
  • Save Quark Documents
  • Save Quark Pages to EPS


TextEdit Action Pack (20 actions)

  • Add Prefix to Text Paragraphs
  • Add Suffix to Text Paragraphs
  • Change Case of Text
  • Combine Text Strings
  • Extract URLs from Text
  • Find and Replace in Text
  • Get Characters of Text
  • Get Length of Text
  • Get Paragraphs of Text
  • Get Words of Text
  • Read Text File
  • Remove Duplicate Paragraphs from Text
  • Remove Empty Paragraphs
  • Remove Markup from Text
  • Remove Prefix from Text Paragraphs
  • Remove Suffix from Text Paragraphs
  • Sort Text Paragraphs
  • Split Text
  • Trim Text
  • Write Text to File


Twitter Action Pack (10 actions)

PLEASE NOTE: Twitter has recently made a change to their API, which caues any action requiring authentication to fail. We are looking into this issue, and will do our best to resolve it as soon as we possibly can.

  • Get Current Tweet from Tweep
  • Get Recent Direct Messages
  • Get Recent Public Tweets
  • Get Recent Replies
  • Get Recent Tweets from Tweep
  • Get Recent Tweets from Tweeps I'm Following
  • Get Tweep Information
  • Get Tweeps
  • Post a Tweet
  • Send Direct Message


Software Requirements

All Actions:

  • Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard - 10.6.x Snow Leopard

NOTE: These actions should also work in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

FileMaker Actions:

  • FileMaker Pro 7.x through 11.x

Illustrator Actions:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5

InDesign Actions:

  • Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5

iPhoto Actions:

  • iPhoto '06 or '08
Mail Actions:

  • Mail

Photoshop Actions:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5

Preview Actions:

  • Preview

QuarkXPress Actions:

  • QuarkXPress 7.x through 8.x

Safari Actions:

  • Safari 3.x - 4.x (with JavaScript enabled)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Automator changes in Leopard, this action pack is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger. For Tiger users, our previous Tiger-compatible actions are still available. However, we recommend upgrading to Leopard to take advantage of new Automator features and enhancements, as well as our new, expanded action packs.

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