Blurb Tally

"Brevity is the soul of wit."
- William Shakespeare
Blurb Tally is a writer's utility, designed to help you to quickly and easily calculate the number of characters, words, and paragraphs in a blurb of text. Once launched, Blurb Tally hovers above the other windows and applications on your Mac. Write content directly in Blurb Tally, or simply copy content to the clipboard and paste it in for a quick tally. Possible uses include:

  • Generating text for character-limited fields in web forms. How often have you entered text into a web form field, only to have the form rejected because a field contains too many characters?
  • Identifying the length of articles, documents, blog postings, and more.
  • Preparing concise text for use in press releases, legal documents, emails, Excel workbook cells, and more.
  • Preparing a resume or writing a brief personal biography.
  • Much more!

Blurb Tally also provides the ability to quickly toggle your text blurb between uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, and title case.

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Blurb Tally was initially something we developed internally, for our own use in preparing content for web form submission, podcast descriptions, bio preparation, article submission, blogging, and more. We found it so useful that we decided to fully develop it and make it available to the public. We welcome suggestions for future enhancements to make Blurb Tally even more useful for writers.

Software Requirements

  • Mac OS 10.6.x through 10.9.x
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