Workflow Analysis and Planning

We can work with you in order to determine areas of your workflow that may benefit from automation.

A workflow analysis consultation typically occurs via an onsite visit. During an onsite visit, we are able to examine your unique workflow in action first hand, which is a valuable way for us to detect potential problem areas. The amount of time required for an onsite workflow analysis consultation may vary, depending on the complexity of the workflow and the needs of the client.

Following a workflow analysis consultation, we will present the client with a needs analysis report, which outlines problem areas and makes recommendations for improvements.

After conducting a needs analysis consultation, a workflow planning phase is performed as the first stage of our development process. During a planning phase, we plan and design the functionality of your solution. The result of a planning phase is a detailed document, outlining the rules, features, and functions of a final solution. This project plan may then be used as the basis for development efforts.

Seminars and Presentations

Ben Waldie, president of Automated Workflows, LLC, is available to speak at seminars, trade shows, user group meetings, trainings, and other public and private events. In the past, Ben has been featured as a speaker at numerous events, including Macworld Expo, the Quark Summit, PRINT, and Seybold Seminars, among others.

Ben's presentations typically focus on Mac-based productivity, including iPad/iPhone productivity tips, business productivity tips, and advantages of workflow automation. Ben's presentations often include demonstrations of workflow automation in action, return on investment figures and examples, and a question and answer session. Customized presentations are available on request. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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