Custom Development

Need a custom automated solution to meet your unique needs? We can help. Automated Workflows, LLC specializes in developing professional custom AppleScript and Automator solutions for virtually any Mac-based workflow.

AppleScript Development

We understand that everyone's workflow is different. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to carefully plan and develop custom AppleScript solutions, taking into account all business rules and requirements. The result is a precise, user friendly, flexible solution that can be easily integrated into a workflow and expanded in the future to achieve maximum benefits.

There's not a whole lot on the Mac that we can't automate with a custom AppleScript solution.

Automator Development

Our experience working with Automator is virtually unparalleled. In fact, Ben Waldie, president of Automated Workflows, LLC, wrote the book on Automator – litterally! Ben is the author of the Automator for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide and the Mac OS X Technology Guide to Automator, valuable resources for both users and developers alike.

Our Development Process

We take a very structured approach to how we develop custom solutions. The first step is to gain an understanding of your unique needs, so that we may prepare a proposal for you. Pending your approval of the proposal, development is typically broken into four primary phases.

Need More Information?

Not sure what type of custom development you need? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and requirements.
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