Development Technologies and Tools

At present, the majority of our custom solutions are developed using AppleScript, a scripting language that is built directly into Mac OS X. Using AppleScript, we are able to create a solution that can inteact directly with Mac OS X applications, allowing us to automate your unique workflow.

Development Tools

We utilize numerous tools during our development process. The following are some of the more common tools that are used during the construction of most custom solutions.


This is the primary development environment in which our solutions are typically developed. Xcode is installed with the Mac OS X developer tools. Using Xcode, we are able to construct robust interface-rich AppleScript applications that have the same look and feel of virtually any Mac OS X application. Our custom Automator actions are also developed using Xcode.
Interface Builder

All interfaces included in our Xcode solutions are developed using Interface Builder, another application that is installed with the Mac OS X developer tools. With Interface Builder, we can design a user friendly interface for your custom solution, incorporating elements such as progress bars, buttons, text fields, and more.
Script Editor

This is an application that is installed with Mac OS X. Using Script Editor, we are able to develop basic AppleScript applications, droplets, folder actions, and compiled scripts. While AppleScripts created with Script Editor may contain some basic user interaction features, such as dialogs, file selector prompts, and more, they do not contain robust interfaces.

This is an application, first released with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, that brings the power of multi-application workflow automation to the user level. While our custom Automator actions are actually developed using Xcode and Interface builder, we do develop Automator workflows using the Automator application as client needs dictate.

Depending on the requirements of a custom solution, in addition to the primary development tools listed above, we will sometimes utilize other tools during our development process, such as a JavaScript Editor, FileMaker Pro, and more.

Development Templates

We take a very structured approach to the development of our custom solutions. Our custom solutions are typically created using development templates, which contain the core code necessary for our solutions to function. In addition to this core code, our development templates also possess a number of built-in features, including activity logging, error protection, and more.

Code Libraries

Whenever possible, code that we develop is written in a modular manner, so that certain aspects of it may be used again in future projects. This reusable code is organized into application or process specific library files, which may be integrated into our development templates as a custom project warrants.

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