Custom AppleScript Development

We understand that everyone's workflow is different. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to carefully plan and develop custom AppleScript solutions, taking into account all business rules and requirements. The result is a precise, user friendly, flexible solution that can be easily integrated into a workflow and expanded in the future to achieve maximum benefits.

There's not a whole lot on the Mac that we can't automate with a custom AppleScript solution.

Types of AppleScript Solutions

Our AppleScript solutions can be developed in a variety of ways, to meet your specific needs. The following are the primary types of AppleScript solutions that we are generally hired to develop:

User Script

A user script is a script that is designed to be run by one or more users on specific user machines. User scripts typically interact with applications or the operating system on the user's machine, and are used to automate aspects of the user's workflow that are time consuming or repetitive.

User scripts are typically triggered by double clicking on a main AppleScript application. However, they can also be configured as drop scripts, allowing users to drag and drop one or more files and/or folders onto the application to begin processing.

Server-Based Solution

Virtually any custom AppleScript solution can optionally be prepared for unattended usage on a dedicated Mac OS X machine. Server-based AppleScript solutions can allow you to remove those time consuming repetitive tasks entirely from user machines, and off-load them to a stand-alone robot machine, allowing users to re-focus their attention on other important tasks.

Our server-based solutions typically incorporate functions such as folder watching, scheduled script execution, automatic server volume mounting, email reporting, and more.

Plug-In Script

A plug-in script is a script that is designed to be run from within a specific applicaiton, such as Adobe InDesign, FileMaker Pro, or QuarkXPress. Plug-in scripts can extend the power of your existing applications by adding new application features, allowing for communication with external applications, and more.

AppleScript Solution Features

Our custom AppleScript solutions are template-based, and therefore contain a number of built-in features that would otherwise need to be added separately. In addition to built-in features, other features can be added as a project warrants.

A built-in mechanism for generating a text-based log of solution activity during processing is built into our solutions. Using this mechanism, it is possible for our solutions to be quickly and easily configured to capture and log activity information during processing.

Error Handling
Robust error protection and logging is also a built-in feature in our AppleScript solutions, allowing us to quickly diagnose and resolve errors, should they occur during processing. If necessary, our solutions can even be configured to generate activity and error reports in a database, or for delivery via email.

Dynamic Paths
Whenever possible, we try not to hard-code paths to files and folders within our AppleScript solutions. Instead, we have developed code that can dynamically locate required files and folders, even if their locations are changed in the future, without the need for additional coding.

Modifiable Settings
We realize that a client may need to adjust certain aspects of a solution’s behavior in the future. To allow for this, our AppleScript solutions typically allow users to adjust commonly modifiable settings, without the need for code changes.

Interface Enhancements

For the ultimate in user friendliness, any of our custom AppleScript solutions can optionally be developed with an interface, giving it the same look and feel of virtually any other Mac OS X application. The addition of an interface can take an AppleScript solution to the next level by allowing users to quickly and easily enter data, or modify solution settings and configuration options. Interfaces also can be used to display progress feedback during script execution.

Developer Services also Available

Are you a developer that is looking for ways to expand or enhance the automation capabilities in your existing software? Providing AppleScript support in your software will give users the ability to integrate your software into their unique workflow in ways that you may never have imagined.

Using on our extensive knowledge of AppleScript, we can work with you to discuss and explore the existing AppleScript support in your software. Through this process, we can help to identify potential areas for improvement, suggest terminology enhancements, new scriptable features, and more. Our experience developing real-world AppleScript solutions for clients in a variety of industries gives us the ability to let you know what users will want and need when it comes to integrating your software into an automated workflow.

We can also help you to showcase the automation support in your software by developing example AppleScripts for inclusion with your product, distribution on your website, or for use at conferences and trade shows.

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