Mail to FileMaker Importer 2.2.4 Released

Updated to fix an issue when opening a remote FileMaker 12 database. [More info or download a demo...]

MacTech AppleScript Essentials Column > Introduction to Scripting FileMaker Pro

April, 2006 - Introduction to Scripting FileMaker Pro.

For the past couple of columns, we have discussed various ways to store and access data using AppleScript. One column provided an introduction to Database Events, a background application in Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, which allows AppleScripts to interact directly with SQLite databases for the purposes of storing and accessing data. Another column explored methods of storing and accessing data in script properties and property list files. This month, we are going to continue discussing data storage and access, this time, using FileMaker Pro, a third-party commercial database application. [Read more at]

MacTech AppleScript Essentials Column > Introduction to Database Events

February, 2006 - Introduction to Database Events.

Data storage and access is an important part of AppleScripting, particularly in complex AppleScript-based projects. Some scripts may need to store user-entered data for later reference, perhaps during an entirely new session. Some may need a location to log activity or errors during processing. Others may need to access structured data, in order to do something fairly complex, such as building a catalog.

In this month's column, we will discuss the use of Database Events, a new and exciting feature in Mac OS X, for storage and access of data during script execution.  [Read more at]