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October, 2009 - AppleScript in Snow Leopard.

With the release of Snow Leopard, AppleScript developers will no doubt be in store for a few surprises. While the AppleScript language itself hasn't changed too much, a variety of other enhancements are welcome, but will take some getting used to.

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Peachpit Article > Fixing Automator Workflow Folder Action Plug-Ins in Leopard

05.23.08 - Fixing Automator Workflow Folder Action Plug-Ins in Leopard.

Automator offers a variety of options when saving workflows in Mac OS X, one of which is a Folder Action plug-in workflow. Although a workflow will run whenever items are added to an attached folder, it doesn't always work as expected. Ben Waldie shares tips and recommendations to help you resolve Automator Folder Action plug-in workflow issues in Mac OS X Leopard. [Read more at] Article > Creating a Folder Watching Workflow

A very powerful automation feature that is often overlooked in Mac OS X is folder watching. Prior to Mac OS X Tiger, folder watching was possible by writing custom AppleScripts and attaching them to folders to process incoming items. Now, with Automator in Mac OS X, it is easier than ever to turn any folder into a watched folder, with no scripting necessary.

The following steps will walk you through the process of using Automator to create a folder watching workflow in Mac OS X. This particular workflow will automatically create padded thumbnail versions of full size image files as they are placed into a watched folder. [Read more...] (pdf)