Article > Creating a Folder Watching Workflow

A very powerful automation feature that is often overlooked in Mac OS X is folder watching. Prior to Mac OS X Tiger, folder watching was possible by writing custom AppleScripts and attaching them to folders to process incoming items. Now, with Automator in Mac OS X, it is easier than ever to turn any folder into a watched folder, with no scripting necessary.

The following steps will walk you through the process of using Automator to create a folder watching workflow in Mac OS X. This particular workflow will automatically create padded thumbnail versions of full size image files as they are placed into a watched folder. [Read more...] (pdf)

MacTech AppleScript Essentials Column > Becoming More Efficient Through Folder Watching

October 2004 - Becoming More Efficient Through Folder Watching.

For the past several months, we have explored various aspects of AppleScripting in Mac OS X. We have discussed some basic Finder scripting, adding repeat loops and if/then statements to our scripts, and more. This month, we will explore a topic of frequent interest to those who want to automate various aspects of their workflow - folder watching. [Read more at]