iOS Productivity: Printing from your iPhone or iPad via Your Mac

AirPrint was introduced with iOS 4.2, and lets you to print right from your iOS device.  Now you can be super productive, right?  Only if you have an AirPrint enabled printer at your disposal.  Although there are hundreds of printers available that support AirPrint these days, what if you're like me, and have older printers that iOS doesn't recognize?  Your Mac can help. [Read more on the Peachpit blog...]

Mac Productivity: Quick Scripts and Workflows – Print PDF to FTP Server

In Mac OS X, it’s a snap to convert almost any document to PDF.  From the print dialog, simply choose Save as PDF... from the PDF popup button.  If you’ve done this before, then you may have noticed there are some other options in this popup, as well, such as Mail PDF.  These are print plugins, and, using Automator, it’s possible to create your own and add them to the list.  Suppose you upload PDFs to your FTP server on a regular basis, so you can share them with your family, coworkers, or whoever.  Every time you do this, you have to save your document somewhere as a PDF, launch the popular FTP client Transmit, connect to the server, and upload the PDF.  This is a perfect time to create a custom print plugin to do this for you.  Here’s how... [Read more on the Peachpit blog...]

Peachpit Blog Post > Using Automator: Print Workflows

03.06.09 - Using Automator: Print Workflows.

If you're like me, then you probably save tons of documents in PDF format via Mac OS X's print window. Did you know that you can configure an Automator workflow to process those printed PDFs?  It’s easy. [Read more at]

Mac Automation Made Simple Video Podcast > Creating an Automator PDF Workflow

Episode 7
Date: 10.14.2008
Duration: 00:07:25
Creating an Automator PDF Workflow
In this episode of Mac Automation Made Simple, Ben Waldie demonstrates how to save Automator workflows as print workflow plug-ins. Once saved, these workflows appear in Mac OS X's print dialog, and can be triggered to process printed PDF documents..
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