File and Folder Automator Actions Released in the Mac App Store

I'm still working hard on updated Automator action packs. I'm pleased to announce that my File and Folder Automator Action Pack, which includes 21 actions for interacting with files and folders in the Finder has been released in the Mac App Store. It can be found here.


Mail to FileMaker Importer 2.2.1 Released

This update includes the following enhancements:

  • Re-instated attachment handling for Outlook 2011. This was previously disabled because saving attachments via AppleScript was broken in Outlook. Outlook 2011 (14.1.3) should fix this problem.
  • Updated to retrieve plain text for Outlook 2011 messages. Support for this was only recently added by Microsoft.

For more information on Mail to FileMaker Importer, or to download a trial, visit the M2FMI page...

P.S. Attachment saving for Apple Mail, which was broken in Lion, is now functional in Mac OS X 10.7.2.

Text Automator Actions for Lion and Snow Leopard

To give my current and future Automator action users a brief status update...

I'm working hard to get all of my Automator actions updated and released in the Mac App Store. The first, my Text Automator Action Pack, which includes 28 actions for performing text manipulations, was released tonight. Others will follow as I have the time to get them done. Due to recent changes in Mac OS X's AppleScript architecture, each action requires a fairly significant amount of development time. So, I will keep plugging away. Stay tuned.

You can find the Text Automator Action Pack in the Mac App Store.