iOS Productivity: Remotely Access your Mac with LogMeIn

Your ability to accomplish things while on the go is key to your mobile productivity.  You've got tons of great apps on your iPhone or iPad, and probably have some level of access to your important files too, maybe through Dropbox or iCloud.  You can do almost anything, but every now and then, you hit a wall.  Maybe you need to make some emergency changes in an InDesign layout back home, check on the status of your Mac's backup, or dig up tax returns you filed away on your external drive.  If only you could connect to your Mac remotely, take control, and do what you need.  With LogMeIn, you can do exactly that. [Read more on the Peachpit blog...]

Peachpit Blog Post > iPhone Productivity App Picks: RemoteTap

02.26.10 - iPhone Productivity App Picks: RemoteTap.

There are now a number of apps available for the iPhone that allow you to remotely access your Mac. My favorite of these is RemoteTap, for its ease of use, great set of features, and developer responsiveness. [Read more on]

Peachpit Blog Post > Extending Automator: Apple Remote Desktop Action Pack

04.23.09 - Extending Automator: Apple Remote Desktop Action Pack.

If you're a system administrator, then you may already know that Apple Remote Desktop comes with over 30 Automator actions to help you automate things like copying items to remote machines, ejecting disks on remote machines, force quitting applications on remote machines, and more.  But, what you may not know is that you can extend this set of actions even further by installing an additional ARD action pack. [Read more at]