AppleScript and Automator User Resources

Web Sites

  • Mac OS X Automation - AppleScript and Automator documentation, links, sample scripts, sample workflows, actions, and more.
  • - AppleScript articles, scriptable application dictionaries, forums, sample scripts, scripting additions, and more.
  • Veritrope - AppleScript and Automator links, sample code, sample workflows, and more.




Mailing Lists and Forums

  • Apple's Mailing Lists - Apple hosts several AppleScript mailing lists, including the AppleScript Users list, AppleScript Studio list, AppleScript Implementors list, Automator developer's list, among others.
  • Apple Support Community - AppleScript, Automator and More.
  • MACSCRPT Mailing List - A great mailing list for beginners or experienced scripters. This mailing list mainly deals with AppleScript, but also dabbles in other Macintosh scripting related topics now and then.
  • Adobe Forums - Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop scripting forums.
  • QuarkXPress AppleScript Forum

User Groups