Accessing Properties of URLs with AppleScript

I recently stumbled upon the fact that a string can be coerced to a URL in AppleScript. This is cool because it allows you to access various properties of the URL, including the dotted decimal form of the URL's host.

"" as URL
--> {class:URL, scheme:http URL, path:"", host:{class:Internet address, DNS form:"", port:80, dotted decimal form:""}}

It should be noted that this isn't actually core AppleScript terminology. The "URL" class is terminology from the StandardAdditions scripting addition, which is included with Mac OS X.

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12.11.09 - Automator Services: Preview Selected URL.

If you're a user of Mac OS X Mail, then you may know that you can use Quick Look to preview image attachments in a message. To do so, just select an image attachment in a message and press the spacebar, press Command+Y, or click Quick Look at the top of the message. For today's Automator Service workflow tip, we'll take this concept a bit further, by creating a way for you to quickly preview URLs in Mail messages, TextEdit documents, and more, without the need to open Safari. [Read more at]